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@roka do you know how to get linux vanilla kernel from an official apt repository or similar?. Maybe it's stupid, it's for a short-time fix. I need to install it on a gnu/linux-libre system, that's listed on gnu webpage

@roka @nepfag do you know if linux-libre could block your boot if you install propietary firmware?

@mela_sapiens it'd probably be more practical to ship them to a place and gas all of them since they're swimming amongst us and hard to nuke! i wonder if anyone has tried that before

COMIC LO 2019年5月号、本日(3/20)発売です!




Morning lovelies! Name one thing that helps you get through Monday's!


Two body sliding babes and a lot of baby oil... taken in Prague last year.. hump day hotties Lady Bug and Tindra Frost engaging in some erotic body massage at The the home of "happy endings" 💦

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im so fucking excited for the chuubyou anime. heres everyones favourite hero chuuni #ショタ #shota

I am Sexy. I am Sassy. I am Sweet. Even my naughty tastes like candy. When we first meet I will take my time and explore all of your desires! I will use our unique chemistry to provide an intense encounter and draw you into the world that I create for us. Those close to me say that I have a bubbly personality and seductive energy. I have full kissable lips and my body is an hourglass.
Las Vegas 7023420598

#swlisting #GFE #P411 #Curvy #Busty #Hot #Wet #Couples

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