@mela_sapiens i figured it would end up going that way. i've been using searx for the last year or so to avoid privacy issues with search.


@mela_sapiens A couple of thoughts:

1) I don't like that everyone (including me) are relying on centralized search engines. I want to browsers to support searching multiple sites simultaneously, and hey there's open standards for that!

2) This class of fingerprinting shouldn't be possible, and wouldn't have been if JavaScript wasn't invented.

I've got projects in the works to address both these angles.

@mela_sapiens Install a canvas blocker add-on in Firefox and see how many websites will have canvas checking (Done that a few years ago. Tor browser does have protection build in by the way.). Doesn't mean that you are actively being tracked. addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firef Just tested with 3 Mastodon instances -> 3 x red, not 3 x green. #canvas #privacy

@mela_sapiens This is FUD. There may well be other legitimate used for those things.

At the same time, DDG is promise based privacy. People believe their promises, or they don't. That has always been the case.

Obsessing over technicalities like this is missing the forest for the trees.

@mela_sapiens interesting, i just recently abandoned using #duckduckgo because they randomly blocked me when using #tor browser

@mela_sapiens The people at reddit claim that this is (quote) "complete BS". The post at reddit was removed. #duckduckgo just uses a often used function of jquery. There is no sign that they actually do fingerprintig.

@mela_sapiens We should make a blockchain based serarch engine 😂

@TrinityLove I am still using it because SearX instances have some problems connecting to google images.

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